Pet Memories

Human or animal, when we loose a loved one, we feel a deep sense of grief. The loss of a pet to many of us is like the loss of a family member. It is normal and healthy to grieve this loss. Sometimes it is hard to find a way through that grieving process and to find peace. We no longer have that friend to greet us after a bad day. No one to sit silently beside us and nuzzle our hand. Children can feel an overwhelming grief at the loss of a pet. They can benefit greatly from a tangible reminder of their lost friend to hug.

The bear you see here is made from the scarves that "Pooh Bear" wore after he went to the groomer. He also decided to wear one of his favorite. We added a photo and embroidery to make him a very special memory for his owner.

Sophie is a very special reminder of a forever friend. She is sporting the collar that she always wore, complete with her tags. As you can see below she also has her arms and legs attached using black hand painted puppy buttons. What special memories can I create for you. For the pet that you've lost, but remains forever in your heart.

If you know of someone who is struggling after the loss of their special friend, and you want to do something to support them, I also offer gift certificates that will let them decide when they are ready to have their bear made.

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