What to do with that brownie uniform you've had stored away for more years than you can remember? We've designed it to use all the patches and even the tie that went with it. What a great gift for a daughter for a unique Christmas gift. 


Or what about your son's boy scout uniform, made into a memory for him or his son. Includes special medals, patches, buttons, and even the shoulder tabs on the bear's shoulders.


A grandmother wanted to give her first grandson a very special gift of a memory of his great grand parents that he never met. She had a bear made from a combination of her mom and dad's clothing that was a reminder of their lives.


A story of a dress that both a mother and daughter wore, combined with fabric from dresses that grandmother made and wore. What beautiful memories for the ladies they were made for. A rose from the dress is worn by one bear as a wrist corsage. Why not take your  dress out storage and have wedding dress bears made for your daughters or daughters- in- law?

Does that special memory include jeans and a flannel shirt?
I can combine the two in a very special way.

The top is made from the flannel shirt and the bottom from the jeans.


Share the memories of that special quilt or blanket
. I was able to make 5 very different and unique bears from this Pendelton blanket. One is even wearing the tag from that blanket.

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